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What causes hair loss?

There are multiple factors that cause hair loss, but the most common is inheritance - or genetics - and is often referred to as male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness generally comes from the maternal side of the family, although there can certainly be influences from the paternal side, too. As a result, what one’s maternal grandfather or uncles look like is often a reliable predictor of future hair loss and hair pattern.

Do products like Rogaine and Propecia provide the same results as hair transplantation?

Products like Rogaine and Propecia can reduce hair loss and occasionally enhance growth, but neither can give a bald individual a full head of hair like a hair replacement system can.

Is hair system a viable option?

In general, hair system is preferable to hair transplants because it is a non surgical option for hair loss. Nowadays, hair systems can look very natural and virtually undetectable by sight. Hair systems are versatile and can work very well for almost anyone with hair loss. If done properly, you can have a gorgeous and naturally looking head of hair in relatively little time. You can style it in any ways you prefer. It is no longer true that hair systems make people look like they are wearing "helmet" hair or a "rug" on the head.

What is Attachment?

Attachment refers to how the hair system is attached to your scalp or balding area. Nowadays, the two most commonly used attachment methods are double sided tapes and liquid adhesives, sometimes referred to as bonding. Weaving was at one time an option where the hair system is literally weaved into the client’s existing hair in order to facilitate the attachment. However, in recent years, many believe weaving will cause traction alopecia or hair loss as a result of the tension exerted on the client’s own hair. Very few companies use weaving these days except for integration pieces.

Attachment options can be very confusing for the customer as different companies have different names for their tapes and adhesives. In general, it just boils down to double sided tape and liquid bonding adhesives. Which product to use is just a matter of preference. In most cases, customers can use either the tape or the bonding or even a combination of both depending on the customer’s lifestyles and the type of bases.

The types of attachment to use depends heavily on the customer’s lifestyles. If someone is very active and constantly engages in sports or other strenuous activities, then it is important to choose an attachment that offers the maximum hold so that the customer does not have to constantly worry that the hair system would come loose. On the other hand, if someone is more concerned about breath ability of the scalp and being able to cleanse the scalp on a regular basis, then it is important to choose an attachment method that allows easy clean up and maintenance.

Someone who foresees wearing theirs 24 hours a day 7 days a week would want to go with something that has a lighter foundation. By foundation we mean the material on which the hair has been incorporated. A good example of a lighter foundation style is something called a "Fine Mono Mesh". It’s very similar in consistency to the material you see in women’s stockings. This is typically the most popular foundation style today, however there are many others to choose from. Some are made out of a nylon, a polyester, silk, polyurethane, flat or welded, etc. This is another reason why having an involved provider is imperative to finding what is best for your needs.

Is there such a thing as an undetectable hair system?

A high-quality, properly fitted system is virtually undetectable by sight. Today’s lace front units allow you to show a hair line and even comb it straight back. Of course how detectable your system is depends on the quality of the system and how good your designer is. In between your regular maintenance sessions (every 4 to 6 weeks), you can perform weekly maintenance yourself that will enhance your daily appearance.

Can I swim, go out on a windy day, etc?

Units that are physically bonded to your skin using a medical adhesive can be worn during swimming or on the most blustery day. Even units that are attached with clips, weaves, or tape should be fine as long as they are attached properly. Also, make sure the tape or bonding you are using does not come off in water.