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Hair Extensions

I am not just the owner of Ultimate Image Studio, I am a client also...

Every day at my studio I receive a plethora of phone calls regarding questions about hair extensions…the number one question I usually hear is "HOW MUCH ARE THEY"?

Well, that is like asking "what is the price of a car".............So here are a few questions I believe you should ask when calling a hair studio....

  • Do you specialize in Hair Extensions?
  • What type and how much hair am I getting in the initial instillation?
  • Is there maintenance?
  • What are your qualifications and certifications?
  • What method of attachment do you do?

Over the 17 years of experience of doing hair extensions in northern California I have seen some very bad hair extension jobs done on unsuspecting clients who don’t ask understand exactly what they are asking for. Below you will see real photos of real clients who are THRILLED with their hair and the experience they have had in my studio.


This is strand by strand method where hair is fused to your hair with a bonding material. There are several different kinds of methods and bonding material used for this process. Great Lengths, Hair Dreams, Cinderella, SoCap, Jessica Simpson, Cold Fusion and numerous others are considered to be a fusion method.

Shrink Tubing

These are the individual strand type. This is a softer, flexible bond used with pre-tipped hair. They could be referred to as shrinks, shrinkies, shrink locs, plastic tubes. They are little plastic tubes that are formulated to shrink in size from ratios 2:1 to 4:1, by applying heat. They form a pressurized bond that holds the hair strands in place.

Locs, Links, Metal Cylinder

These are also the individual strand type. A small copper or aluminum cylinder is pinched or tightened to attach the hair. These can withstand heat and are nice with textured hair that must be styled more. A high heat resistant pretipped bond on the hair can be used.

Skin Weft or Seamless Hair Extensions

Wefts of hair are seamless, unlike the regular machine wefted of hand tied wefts of hair used for weaving or sewing tracks into the hair on a braid. These wefts are taped with double-sided tape on to this parting of hair. This adds tracks that are seamless without the lumpiness of braided tracks. This method lasts 1 to 2 months.

Braided or Tracks

This is when an entire weft is sewn onto a braid. This used more often with ethnic hair. It tends to slip more on fine, straighter hair.

Temporary Hair Extensions

These are good for times when you need or want longer or thicker hair or even color pieces added. for a specific occasion and don’t need or want them stuck in your head long term, for a photoshoot, one scene, a party, to create more hair in an updo, just to try out long or thicker hair, whatever the reason. The technique of taping or special adhesive can last up to a week or so depending how well you maintain it. Several different types or human and synthetic hair can be used by laying down sewn wefts of hair into partings of your own in different layouts to create different effect. You can add highlights, texture, and length.

Clip In Temporary Hair Extensions

Wefts of hair can be simply placed within the layers of your hair with little comb like clips that hold them in. These are worn for just a day, an event, an occasion. They can be easily taken out and put in yourself. These can be custom made to match hair color and style and you can use them over and over.

Synthetic Hair

Most of the types I just went over are usually used with real hair. Synthetic hair is a nylon base. These applications lead to a variety of looks. The hair can come in fashion colors that are vibrant beyond that which can be attained with real human hair. It is fused to hair, individual pieces with a unique technique of braiding and heat. It can not be styled in the manner that human hair can be, but it also can offer looks that that you might not be able to obtain otherwise. These are sometimes fun just to add color.


Hair extensions can be added to create highlights without coloring the person’s own hair. Light pieces in individual strands or in wefts can be added for bits of color and a shine effect with glowing light reflections. Fashion colors in bright reds, blues, yellows, greens, oranges, white, purples, and combinations can be used along with different textures.


Hair extensions can be added to add volume and texture. I match the color and texture perfectly or design a blended texture to emphasize a new style we can design. This doesn’t always require a full head. Sometimes only a few pieces, or just a row is all that is needed to add a bit of fullness.

Extensions For Prom

For a prom style, you can have temporary extensions that are easily installed and are easy to remove for the day. The cost will depend on the type of extensions and how elaborate the prom style is. In the consultation, I can draw up several ideas for designs and give you options to choose from.

The Complete Look

When we do hair extensions, we also like to create the entire look, from the color to the cut, only if color is necessary. We are also experienced colorists, so we are able to blend the hair extensions to match your color perfectly. Also, cutting hair extensions requires specialized technique for it to blend well to your own hair and be able to look natural. Our work is detailed and unique in every aspect. Our work is clean and intricate. Only the very best for our clients at Ultimate Image Studio.


Because of the many factors involved with hair extensions, prices can only be determined with a consultation, which is at no charge.

The factors included are:

  • Method of hair extensions.
  • Type of hair.
  • Quality of hair.
  • Length of desired look.
  • Color, whether highlighted or not.
  • Texture; curly, straight...?
  • Thickness of hair.