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February 10, 2012

A couple of days before my daughter’s 19th birthday, she was hospitalized not knowing what was wrong with her. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. We were devastated and scared. My daughter’s major concern being 19th years old was that she was bound to lose her hair through the treatment, but the prognosis was very good. She was so upset about losing her hair that I tried to console her with the fact that I was willing to shaving my head in support of her. She thought that was not a solution to her concern so I went on the Internet in search for hair replacement and wigs designed specifically for cancer patients. I came across your website and immediately felt that you were the right company for us. I contacted you and knew I had made the best choice. You were so kind, understanding and sympathetic to our specific needs. My daughter and I met with Heather and she was able to put my daughter’s mind at ease that you were going to be able to meet her needs. It is one thing for a mother to tell her daughter it will be okay, but that is taken for granted by a child and doesn’t hold a lot of weight in their eyes. It was a whole different story when your consultant totally focused on her needs and concerns with confidence and professionalism. My daughter wanted to pick out her wig before her treatment started because she was concerned that she was going to be so sick after the treatment began that she would not be able to make the best choice. Heather sat down with my daughter and had wig styles for her to try on and talked about how the fitting would be after the hair loss. It was wonderful. That was one less thing my daughter had to stress about. After the first treatment, my daughter started losing her hair. We contacted you immediately to make an appointment for the final fitting. You were so accommodating that one of your staff stayed up into the wee hours to make the proper fitting adjustments on the wig of her choice. When my daughter arrived for her appointment, your consultant made the proper adjustments to the wig and styled it to my daughter’s liking. I had not seen my daughter smile in a very long time due to her illness. It was the first time she allowed us to even take a picture of her which we did. It was so awesome to see her smile again. She is so beautiful with her new hair and has even commented that when her hair returns, she wants to get it cut and styled just like the wig. I knew she was happy and it is all because of your company that my daughter can go through her treatment with dignity and pride. Thank you again.


Laurie Zian

Hi, Nina!

Heather is AWESOME!  Not only did I have a great time chatting with her on Monday (the time flew), but the girl gave me some incredible hair!  I haven’t had hair this long or nice since high school, so it is really a treat.

Many many thanks!


Nina, what did you do with my wife Diane? And who is this "slinky little race horse" that you sent home to me ? She looks fantastic. Thank you very much, Charles C.


I can't tell you how many compliments I got on my hair cut yesterday and last night. Amazing stuff. Thank you!

I think the world of you and am grateful you have done what you've done for me. I havent felt this good in years (looks-wise).

Thanks for everything!


My hair is just fab!  It is so sexy!!!!  Thanks a MILLION


Just LOVE LOVE this hair so far. No tangling and it styles so nicely. I like the perimeter too.  Just perf!! Wearing your bracelet today.  Thank you again.. You are TOOOOOO sweet.


Nina and Heather


Accepting the soon to be hair loss from Chemotherapy is still surreal to me.  It has been 14 days since my first Chemo infusion and my hair is healthy, shinning and still on my head.  I am going to keep it that way for as long as I can.  I have no idea when I will take the plunge and go bald.  Now is not the time.

A wig is inevitable.  Choosing from the free stash provided by survivors or companies donation on behalf of survivors is not easy.  This is in no way under minding their honorable intentions.  Realistically the returned donations or company give-a-ways are old fashioned or outdated.  Breast cancer is hitting the younger generation with a vengeance.  What is available?  What new trends or lengths are meeting these demands.  What of quality?  Integrity of a product?  These questions are seldom answered by the long time standing wig companies.

Let's take a different perspective.  Why are we still calling them wigs?  Can we upgrade the terminology?  Cranial prosthetic?  Yikes!!  Intelligent young women fighting the good fight deserve better.  So from this point forward I am going to refer to my wig as new hair.  In all honesty it is new... to us!!

My new hair shopping experience wasn't that impressive.  My mother wore a wig for many years and it was nice she didn't even need one.  To her it was a quick way to get ready in the morning.

I received a call from my breast cancer support group coordinator to attend a promotional event with a company known as Recover with Confidence at Ultimate Image Studio,  Rocklin , California and is on the cutting edge of new hair.  I am still overwhelmed regarding this new product.  All human hair.  The undercap is a soft plastic like cloth for breathing purposes.  There are soft non-allergic non slip strips in the front and the back.   Unbelievable but it is true.  It is amazing light weight.  The condition of the human hair is unreal.  Very soft to the touch, shiny, bounce effect.  Because each hair is hand stitched when the wind takes a whirl the scalp is nearly clear to reveal your own natural skin tone through the cap.  The product is nothing less than a new technology miracle.  Although it is hand stitched I was amazed at how the stylist brushed the wig with rough strokes and no hair was on the bristles.  I was impressed with the variety of youthful styles and lengths.  I was given shampoo and conditioner products to care for it properly.  The cleaning process is amazing simple.  So what woman out there would not want maintenance free New Hair?

I guess the one thing I love about this new hair is I am able to style it with my own Hot Curlers, Curling iron, Flat Iron, Blow dryer and some light gel.

I guess the one thing I would have to say that is not appealing in this and other products - all have so much hair.  Most women have some part in their hair exposing a little of the scalp gives a natural look.  It is difficult when the band around the entire edge is shown and yet it is vital for stability purposes.

Bottom Line: No product out there even compares to this product. The best analogy to describe would to say it is like going from a horse drawn buggy to a Mercedes E series.   I would be interested in purchasing an additional new hair to my collection.  Mark my words this is the Next Generation of New Hair products to be enjoyed by anyone regardless of their current hair status.

Valerie Barajas
Sacramento, CA